As Gaborone virtually did not exist before 1966, very few adults were born in Gaborone, although this will be less true with every passing year.  Rather, almost all adults were born in a village.  Over recent years, many people have moved out of the villages to set up permanent homes at their fields or the cattle-post, while many more have moved to the cities, their elderly relatives remaining in the village looking after children attending school while paid herders keep an eye on their cattle.

On weekends, many residents of Gaborone go home to their villages, or travel out to the cattle-post where their wealth is growing naturally, mooing contentedly as it wanders across the road causing traffic havoc while the herdsman, who should still be in school, sleeps under the scant shade of a thorn tree.
ABOVE & LEFT (2): Otse, about an hour's drive south of Gaborone and nestled under the tallest mountain in Botswana, Otse Peak - 1,491m.
40th Anniversary
A wedding
Seasons 1:  Autumn to winter
ABOVE:  This house happens to be in Shakawe, in the far north-west, but could be in Gaborone or any well-to-do village.

RIGHT (2):  Ian Haworth's photos, showing typical village scenes.
Kanye, the capital village of the Bangwaketse, one of Botswana's major tribes, about 100km south of Gaborone. 

LEFT:  An old residence for the
kgosi, next to the kgotla, and located at the top of a prominent hill.

BELOW LEFT:  A typical housing compound.

BELOW:  A rondavel in Kanye.
Seronga, in the north-west of the country on the north-east side of the Okavango River. 
ABOVE:  The large rubbish bins in the yard were being used to brew sorgham beer.
ABOVE LEFT: The Okavango Delta is the local laundry. 
LEFT:  Seronga has many signs about HIV/AIDS - all in English.
BELOW: The local play group and water pump. 
BOTTOM LEFT: Ian Haworth's photo of 40th anniversary celebrations in the Kgotla.
BOTTOM RIGHT: The local store, where the men hang out to while away the time.
Seasons 2: Spring to summer
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