In December 2006 we were priviliged to be the only foreigners (or at least white people) at a Setswana wedding.  Pona, the Administrative Manager from the Baylor COE was married at the District Commissioner's office in the morning, followed by a reception at her parents' house in Mochudi (about 40km north of Gaborone).  After the traditional greeting from her father at the gate, the bridal party danced down the red carpet to the marquee where a traditional Setswana meal of seswaa was served.  Despite the heat, married women wore blankets around their shoulders; a tradition I had not known and so completely failed to comply with.
ABOVE: The best man and bridesmaid following behind the bride and groom.

RIGHT:  Pona's father speaking at the gate to his house.

BELOW:  Guests in the shade - a scene we had seen many a time when passing by events.

BELOW RIGHT:  Alan delivers our present to the collection committee.
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