Winter is long and dry.  As one longs for it to end the winds come, blowing the dust into every crevice.  From still, a 30-second gust can be like having plaster sanded throughout the house.  The early signs spring are, therefore, extremely welcome.  When the rains come, the land lets loose vibrant explosions of greeness and brilliant and beautiful colours.
TOP RIGHT:  As spring comes, more & more trees turned green; this thorn tree, full of old weaver birds' nests, shades a termite mound. 

ABOVE:  Spring flowers in the Okavango Delta.

FAR RIGHT:  The fresh green tips of a thorn tree, one of the first trees to burst into life.

RIGHT:  These Brunsvigia sprang forth from one patch of a desert swept by wide-spread fires a few months previously.  It was an amazing sight.
ABOVE:  A small patch of desert flowers springing from the complete dryness of the Kalahari Desert.

LEFT:  This is a Pancratium Tenuifolium which is a moth-pollinated bulb which opens at the end of the day, for one night only.  We may not have noticed it except that I happened to read about it in
"Africa Geographic" the day before.  This photo was taken just after sunrise in Khutse.  The background is also sunrise in Khutse, albeit in winter.

BELOW LEFT:  Spring flowers in Chobe National Park.

BELOW: Flowers bursting forth in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.
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ABOVE:  The rain brings out the butterflies.  Many are large and attractively coloured.  The largest number, however, were a simple white moth which arrived in its billions.  After rain, they would stream from west to east, blowing across Gaborone like a slow, horizontal, snow storm.  No one could explain why they always moved west to east.
ABOVE (2): Once the rains came in early 2006, the Gaborone Dam grew from a reported 17% full to almost overflowing.  The grass was brilliant green and full of animals grazing.
Spring in Moremi (Okavango).

RIGHT:  These lions are limbering up, thinking about another buffalo dinner (note the line of buffalo in the trees behind).  In the end they decided they were still too full and would wait until dinner time.

LEFT:  A new-born impala.
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