The south-east of Botswana forms much of the non-Kalahari sands part of the country.  As these photos show, the south-east has many hills - including the country's highest peak, Otse Peak, 1,491m.  These hills form a spine of rocky hills running along the border with South Africa from a little north of Gaborone to the southern border of Botswana.
ABOVE:  Mannyelanong Cliffs, about 30km south-west of Gaborone.

RIGHT:  Robyn with Otse Peak behind.

BELOW:  Alan on route up a river trying to get to Otse Peak - we failed.

LEFT (2):  Hills near Thamaga.
ABOVE, RIGHT & FAR RIGHT:  Various scenes from walks on day-trips out of Gaborone, the one to the far right obviously being after the wet season.
The photos are all thanks to my cousin Helen Cox, partly as they picture us and partly because on this particular day I carefully took my long lens and left the camera body at home!

LEFT:  View-point on the way to Kanye.

RIGHT:  Kanye Gorge.

BELOW LEFT:  The locals struggling as much with the guide book's directions as we were.  There seemed to be two gorges in Kanye, but when the directions say turn left to the south & south is clearly to the right, what does one do?  We ended up clambering through someone's back-yard and taking an unexpected tour of the back roads of Kanye.
RIGHT:  A common site all over Botswana - boys playing football.
BELOW:  Matsieng Footprints.  The rocks around these deep, all-year, pools are carved with the footprints of a giant, people and various animals.  They were made by San people probably less than 2,000 years ago, but the Tswana 'believe' (they didn't look much like they did!) that they were made by the giant Matsieng who led his people - the Tswana - to Botswana, from out of the ground, followed by herds of animals.
outh-east Botswana
ABOVE:  Bokaa Dam, the back-up Dam to the Gaborone Dam, about 30km north of the city.  This was taken before the wet season - after which these donkeys would have been swimming.  The pink haze on the water is flamingos.
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