Online resources which contributed to 'Pula, Pula, Pula'

DITSHWANELO documents, including workshop reports and transcripts, annual reports, research reports and press releases.  Many of these resources can be found on DITSHWANELO's website,,

Information about the Botswana-Baylor Children's Clinical Centre of Excellence can be found on

Information about Skillshare International - and Robyn's photograph which won first prize in Skillshare's photography competition - can be found at

Africa Geographic is an excellent magazine and a tremendous source of information.  Information about the magazine can be found on, although only subscribers can source complete articles.  The magazine does not seem to be available in UK bookstores, but it can be ordered online.
Some visitor websites

The Government's tourism site is one of the best and most comprehensive sites about tourism in Botswana, covering everything from national park fees to getting around, useful books to representatives abroad, culture to health, details about flora and fauna to current news and events.  

There are many websites about tourism in Botswana.  Safari, tour-operators' and lodge websites provide information about the tourist destinations, photos and other useful information.  They don't, however, tend to provide information about local hotels, camping sites and other such low-cost options!

Some sites which we used for accommodation are:

Accommodation in Botswana - Covers Chobe, the Okavango, Kalahari and Makgadigadi Pans. Includes info about accommodation and the area & concludes each section with "10 good reasons to visit…"

Safari Portal

Other sites with informoation about various parts of Botswana and accommodation, but we haven't used ourselves are as follows.  Many of these are also useful for other parts of Africa.

Go 2 Africa - includes all the above, including info about towns, activities, travel guides and a photo gallery.

e-Gnu - Botswana:  the same sort of info.

The following four sites which are part of Island Safari, each include destination info and further info about the area - e.g. the Kalahari site includes info about the San people. 
Neil Parsons' Botswana History Pages,

Tibaijuka, Anna; Report of the Fact-Finding Mission to Zimbabwe to assess the Scope and Impact of Operation Murambatsvina by the UN Special Envoy on Human Settlements Issues in Zimbabwe (United Nations, July 2005)  Available at

United Nations Development Programme; Botswana Human Development Report 2005: Harnessing Science and Technology for Human Development (United Nations Development Programme, Botswana, 2005) is available on

This associated website shows hundreds of Robyn's photographs from her life, work and travel around Botswana
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