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We saw wonderful herds of elephants in Tuli and Chobe game reserves and plenty of other hippos in Chobe - so visit those pages for lots more Big Brutes. 

LEFT:  Note the shape of this baby hippo's foot.
TOP & ABOVE:  White rhinoceroses have acute sense of smell and hearing, but poor eyesight.   When they feel threatened they face their horns towards the threat and back up to each other to protect their rear ends.  Seeing four in this formation was an impressive sight.

ABOVE RIGHT: This rhino kept coming and kept coming straight at our car.  Sandy's big, but not that big - this was one game of chicken we were willing to lose.
ABOVE RIGHT:  We sat right below this male leopard - young enough to still be fed by his mother.  We really wanted him to come down, to see at first hand a leopard's climbing skills, but he was just too sleepy.  He did look straight at me for a long moment when I meowed at him, though.

ABOVE & RIGHT:  An excellent daytime sighting of this elusive, nocturnal and beautiful cat.
BELOW:  A male cheetah scent-marking, flopping down to rest in between.  Note his wide nostrals - this is to allow in more air so that he can suffocate his prey and still catch his breath after his 100kmph race.
Lions need no introduction.  These lions all happen to be relatively young (two - three year old) lions recently thrown out of their prides.
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