Robyn Cox was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1965.  Forty years later, she celebrated both her tenth wedding anniversary and her 40th birthday in Botswana, the latter in a

This associated website shows hundreds of Robyn's photographs from her life, work and travel around Botswana
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Robyn's mother wanted to give her the traditional pearls for her 21st birthday; Robyn asked for an SLR camera.  She didn't regret the choice.

Eighteen years later, with money unexpectedly and generously left to her by her step-father-in-law, she finally abandoned her trusty old camera for a digital SLR the year before going to Botswana.  After deciding to work near game reserves, she purchased a long lens.  When the 200-500mm
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In 2006 Robyn took first prize in Skillshare International's photography exhibition with a photograph (right) from her induction with the Botswana-Baylor Children's Clinical Centre of Excellence.

Anyone interested in obtaining high resolution versions of any of these photographs should contact Robyn Cox.
lens arrived, she unpacked it, tenderly set it on the table in front of her, and looked at it with awe for most of the evening.  With great reverence, she tried it out just once before leaving for Africa.  It took some time to gain confidence, but she soon had a place for each piece of camera equipment in her old Land Rover, called Sandy (pictured).  Red fabric bags filled with rice formed a good support on the car window - provided the animals and other subjects stayed on her side of the car.

Both Robyn's and Alan's places of work asked her to take photographs at some of their events; from church services to Christmas parties, petition marches to children creating a money-flower as a fundraising event.

In all Robyn took 12,600 photographs over the two years and she would like to thank all those people who were willing to be photographed.
This website exhibits many of these photographs, showing much of the country, as well as Robyn and Alan's work.
This is Robyn's first book.  Throughout her time in Botswana she kept and updated a website full of photographs and stories.  After several friends asked her, "When's the book coming out?" she decided to satisfy their demands.  She's not sure whether to thank them or insist that they each buy a dozen copies!
game reserve (pictured above).  Robyn met her London-born husband, Alan Pattison, in South Africa in 1992 where they were both working as management consultants.  Both had studied economics at university.  Robyn wrote her honours year thesis on African development, which contributed significantly to her interest in Africa and subsequent stay in South Africa.

In 1995 Robyn moved with Alan to London.  Between 1995 and 2002 Robyn held several marketing roles, writing numerous documents, from reports to websites.  In 2002 she joined the Department for Education & Skills, developing a strong interest in education which she drew on in Botswana.  On her return from Botswana, Robyn returned to the Department, only to find it split in two by Gordon Brown.  She is currently working for the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills in adult vocational qualifications.
Two years in search of money, rain & blessings for Botswana