Botswana became an independent republic on 30 September 1966.  This meant that we were in the country for the 40th Anniversary.

The event was celebrated across the country throughout the whole month of September.  On the 30th, there were speeches, displays and a parade at the National Stadium.
Some the floats were a little unusual.  This one (RIGHT) seemed to be celebrating corporal punishment, which is allowed in schools and certainly not normally greeted with the fun these 'students' seemed to be having.  There was no clue as to why one of the floats included a live ostrich.
We missed the speeches and the handing over the torch, but not the Zebras (the national football team) against the Lions (Cameroon).
The Cameroon team was jumping for joy even before the match began.
ABOVE RIGHT:  At least one happy supporter

LEFT:  Lieutenant General Ian Khama, son of the first President of Botswana, is Deputy President of Botswana and therefore automatically the successor to the President when Mogae stands down in 2008, 18 months before the next elections are due.  This succession arrangement upsets many people as it means the country will have a President for whom it has not voted for 18 months.  As the President has substantial powers and Past Presidents are given houses and other perks, there have been many complaints about this situation in the media.  The media has also criticised Ian Khama for using military planes for personal purposes.
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