In 2004 Robyn Cox and her husband, Alan, decided to leave behind their London life to work voluntarily in Africa.  With the support of Skillshare International, they spent two years in Botswana fundraising for a human rights organisation and a centre treating children with HIV/AIDS.  Their experiences as Skillshare development workers are captured in a warmly personal way in 'Pula, Pula, Pula'.

The name of Botswana's currency, pula also means rain and blessing; three key themes in this book.  In sharing their story about working in development, Robyn provides an insight into the terrible impact of its HIV/AIDS epidemic in Botswana, the true story behind the internationally famous case of the Bushmen of the Central Kalahari and a range of other social issues, from the struggle for gender equality to the conflict between local communities, wildlife and tourism developments.
"Foreign languages and strange foods fill me with dread.  Perhaps I had been exceptionally brave agreeing to work in Africa..."
Excerpt from 'Day One':
Over the two years she is in the country, Robyn develops a deeper understanding and love for Botswana, its history, people and vast tracts of wilderness.  With her husband, she travels throughout Botswana, revelling in the superb wildlife and surviving the challenges from boggy roads in remote areas to a terrifying experience in the middle of the night.

Robyn is also a keen amateur photographer and took thousands of photographs over the two years.  A small selection of those relating to her and her husband's work, together with Botswana's people and countryside are reproduced in the book.  This website provides a much greater selection of those photographs.

                                            to the 'Pula, Pula, Pula'
                                            website, whether you are interested in my book and how to buy it, or are browsing the photographs of Botswana.

This website provides information about 'Pula, Pula, Pula', including some extracts and information about how to buy it.  The photograph section of the site complements the book by picturing many of the events and places mentioned in it.  To keep the book affordable, I have included only a limited selection of photographs in the book itself.

During the two years my husband, Alan, and I spent working and travelling in Botswana, we maintained a website of photographs and commentary.  It was friends' request for a book of the website which were largely responsible for 'Pula, Pula, Pula' being written.

I hope that you enjoy both the book and the photographs.
This associated website shows hundreds of Robyn's photographs from her life, work and travel around Botswana
Website & photos copyright 2007
Two years in search of money, rain & blessings for Botswana
A warmly personal and often amusing story of life as an international volunteer in Africa. 

Fascinating insights into the real Botswana, its people, and its human rights and HIV/AIDS issues.

Joyful and sometimes terrifying tales of adventures in breathtaking wilderness.
"Robyn's account of her time as a Skillshare development worker is enlightening and entertaining for anyone interested in volunteering in Africa - whether in person or from an armchair."

Cliff Allum, Chief Executive, Skillshare International

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